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A new Indigenous created and led community project has come to the Grande Prairie area! Thank you so much for joining us to learn about traditional Indigenous medicines and how to tend to plants for medicinal use.

  • Launched June 2020

  • Sage and tobacco seeds were chosen as this years medicine garden

  • Cultural teachings, webinars, and an online Facebook group to stay connected

  • New webinars posted every Wednesday! (Click here)


The Medicine Box Project is an Indigenous created and led project that centers on empowering Indigenous peoples and allies to find their voice through the growing of sacred medicine, use of ceremony to empower their inner selves, and the connection of communities to end disproportionate rates of violence and suicide amongst Indigenous peoples.

The Medicine Box Project gives people a way to connect to the land, create overall well-being, and reduce inequalities and gendered violence in line with the United Nations social development goals.



The project offers 10 weeks of thought-provoking and supportive dialogue offered through our knowledge keepers and elders. 


An opportunity to connect with fellow participants, elders, knowledge keepers, and support one another in life and growing both inwardly and outwardly. 

The medicine garden may be individual, but you will belong to a broader community of like-minded individuals who will continue to support you as a leader in your community. 




A priority will be placed on applicants who are :

  • Indigenous community members residing in Grande Prairie and the surrounding area

  • Members of partnering organizations

Thank you to everyone who applied for the project. We sincerely wish we could provide everyone with a supply start up kit!


If you are a participant in stream two, please see the supply list for recommended online seed suppliers.

Why Two "Streams"?

Due to the overwhelming response to the Medicine Box Project, we have decided to support participants through two streams. Our project has a restricted budget for materials and supplies; unfortunately, we cannot supply all interested households with materials. Having two streams allows everyone interested to still participate in the webinars, Elders teachings, and Facebook group. 

For those registered in stream two, please refer to the supply list to find out what you need to get started.

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